612 Creative Case Study


graphic designer


Responsibilities as Graphic Designer included; working with a team of project managers and designers to create brand and packaging designs for large commercial companies. Clients include; Overweightea Foods, Home Depot, Moulding & Millwork and Rona.

Company Bio

In 1987 MCG started off in Burnaby, BC as a small group dedicated to serving their clients with corporate identity packages and print collateral.

In 2007, they renamed themselves 612 Creative and quickly grew to expand otheir services with the addition of market research, as well as development and execution of integrated marketing plans.

Cornerstones of their company are “good design makes good sense,” and “a commitment to service is just good business.” By valuing and building relationships for the long term, two of Six Twelve’s largest clients, Sauder Group of Companies and Overwaitea Food Group, have been with them for over a decade.

New opportunities in web design, online games, 3D illustration and social media have driven them to continually expand the products and services they offer, and consistently deliver cutting edge design and marketing solutions.